Shallots: ผลิตภัณฑ์และสูตรอาหาร



One-pan Thai green salmon

One-pan Thai green salmon This delicious creamy Salmon is cooked with Thai flavours and guaranteed to impress.

Traditional Fish and Chips

Traditional Fish and Chips Fish and chips is one of the most common dishes that spring to mind when mentioning English food.  Cod and haddock are the most common fish but many other varieties will work just as well. Available every day but sales traditionally peak on Friday/Fryday when families across the nation grab a takeaway or pub special. This recipe covers preparing everything from scratch but you save effort if preferred by grabbing premade chips, mushy peas, tartare and mayonnaise.

Cheesy sprout gratin

Cheesy sprout gratin Brussels Sprouts don't just need to be for Christmas. This recipe works great all year round, plus it's a great way to finish off any extras you have leftover after Christmas.

Thai-style salmon with hot and sour dressing

Thai-style salmon with hot and sour dressing East meets west in this fusion dish, mixing a Thai style spicy salad with hot smoked salmon.