5 Easy to Cook at Home Recipes

5 Easy to Cook at Home Recipes

5 Easy to Cook at Home Recipes

A balanced and nutritious diet is a crucial element of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but some of us feel overwhelmed by the prospect of cooking. With some recipes requiring an extensive list of ingredients, a secret family recipe, and a degree in Chemistry simply to get started, it is easy to labour under the mistaken assumption that cooking is not for you.

The good news is that we have rounded up five cook-at-home recipes which are delicious, packed with goodness, and super simple to whip up in the comfort of your own home.

Fish and Chips

You can't get more British than this classic dish, and making it yourself offers an affordable and mouthwatering meal which is at the heart of British culture. Even better, this dish is super simple and fast to prepare, making it suitable for even the busiest lifestyles!

Enjoy delicious, tender cod loins lathered in crunchy, golden batter, for a delightful twist on traditional fish dishes. Pair with crispy golden chips, perfectly cooked to just the right level of crunch, and add peas for the final touch. Be warned though; the battle between mushy or garden peas is a ferocious one, and will leave you firmly on one side of the North/South divide! (Insider tip: go for mushy—it's the perfect contrast to the deliciousness of the crumbly batter).

Toad in the Hole

Continue your new love affair with batter by treating yourself to the curiously named toad in the hole. Thankfully, this is a dish devoid of actual toads, instead featuring juicy sausages wrapped gently in a bed of golden batter for the perfect taste experience.

Serve alongside creamy, mouthwatering mashed potato for the full pleasure, and don't forget to add lashings of gravy—there really is no such thing as too much. This dish is the perfect winter warmer and will leave you feeling warm, satisfied, and ready for a nap.

Roast chicken

The classic Sunday roast is a staple of British society and is most easily recognized by the proud roast chicken which stands clearly as the centre point of the dinner table. The professionals (also known as mothers) manage to perfect the poultry to be flaky and luscious on the inside, while still wearing a crispy golden skin on the outside.

Dripping with flavour and natural juices, this is the heart of the meal and can be a make or break point for the weekly event. To ensure your roast is a total success, make sure your roast chicken is accompanied by crunchy roast potatoes, gleaming roasted veg and, of course, a gallon of gravy per person.

Shepherds Pie

A staple of British cuisine, the humble shepherd's pie can be a thing of true beauty but is too often overlooked in favour of its glamorous acquaintances. This is a simple, fast recipe which makes a substantial amount for a low cost, and is sure to be a favourite of families everywhere.

From the delicate taste of minced lamb, complemented by onions and spices, and topped with thick, creamy mashed potatoes encased in melted cheese, this treat is hard to beat.

Sausage casserole

The humble sausage is perhaps the most versatile of all British foodstuffs, and it shows itself off in full glory in the form of sausage casserole. Accompanied by onions, spices, and stock, simmered and left to breathe for a few hours, and quietly releasing the most amazing and delicious tastes and smells, this is the ideal meal if you need cheering up—it is often described as a hug on a plate, and for good reason.