A Guide to English Sauces

A Guide to English Sauces

A Guide to English Sauces

The British are very peculiar about their food and eating habits. They love to add a unique touch to their food with the help of various tantalizing sauces, pickles, and condiments. The rest of the world is intrigued by their wide range of sauces but knows little about their origin and tastes. We have compiled a detailed list of all the popular English sauces Brits use in their everyday life. Read below to find out more:


Mustard sauces are available at any grocery store located anywhere around the world, but English Mustard is different from the conventional Mustard sauce. It is thicker, hotter, and brighter in color than any Mustard sauce you might have tasted so far. 

English Mustard was first sold as a powder by a famous food company, Colman’s in 1814. Consumers mixed it water and decided on the sauce’s consistency as per their preference. Later in 1830, William Taylor produced English Mustard in its current state that we know and love so much. 


The English Marmite is saltier and thicker than any other marmite in the world. It has an almost paste-like texture with a prevailing taste that stays in your mouth for a long time. There are polarizing opinions about its taste as people either love it or hate it with a passion.

Worcester Sauce

Worcester sauce is also known as Worcestershire sauce that is named after the hometown of its creators, William Henry Perrins and John Wheeley Lea. The Lea & Perrins company have been producing the fermented sauce since the 1830s and have kept their recipe a secret.

Horseradish Sauce

As hinted by its name, Horseradish sauce is made from Horseradish root and other ingredients like vinegar, salt, and flavorful add-ons. The famous combination of horseradish sauce is with cream and especially sour cream that makes its texture smooth and its taste mind-blowing.

Brown Sauce 

Brits peg brown sauce as their traditional condiment that’s been with them since the beginning of time. The usual taste of the brown sauce is sweet and peppery because of ingredients like dates, apples, molasses, dates, and raisins, etc. Most people find it difficult to differentiate between the taste of Worcester and brown sauce.

HP Sauce

HP sauce is one of the famous branded brown sauce produced by HP Foods of Great Britain. Later the recipe was adopted by H. J Heinz Company of the Netherlands and soon gained recognition around the world. 


The most authentic British sauce that you can enjoy is gravy that is extracted from meat when it is being cooked with various flavorful spices. The extracted juices are later thickened by the addition of either wheat or corn powder. The addition of salt and caramel coloring give the gravy its final taste and texture.

Wrapping Up: 

The British are proud of their sauce range and never hesitate to flaunt their exquisite food taste. Therefore, it is only natural that the whole world is charmed by not only their accent but their food as well.