A Breakdown on Indian Curries

A Breakdown on Indian Curries

A breakdown on Indian Curries

If you are a fan of Indian food and delicacies, there is no way that you still have not tried Indian curries. No matter where you belong or what taste in delicacies you carry, not having tried an Indian curry is the worst thing that you can do to yourself as a lover of foods.

That is what makes them worth all that hype. So, here is a breakdown on all the Indian curries that you must try no matter what:

1. Lamb Dopiaza:

Dopiaza derived from the Persian word meaning two onions. The dish is dated back to the Mughal era and is now very popular among many countries of the world. This curry has basic ingredient onion both as spices/curry and as a garnish. Onions are used in two ways in the dish. That's why named Dopiaza. The dish is usually prepared with lamb meat, but beef, chicken, mutton, or shrimp can also be added.

2. Lamb Dhansak:

Dhansak is a Parsee dish having a characteristic sweet and sour taste. The dish has a lot of spices in it, especially chili powder, giving a hot vibe to the foodies. There is also sugar and lemon juice used in the preparation of this curry to give a brilliant combination of complex sweet and sour flavors. The dish contains lamb and lentils, commonly masoor dal, but chana dal can also be used.

3. Beef Madras:

Madras is now being invented in different restaurants, so the taste might vary from the traditional one. The curry is too "hot" as it is blended with strong spices and sauces. This dish belongs to the southern part of India. It has tomato, coriander, cumin, and fenugreek. The aromatic spices and a touch of coconut are the main bits of this dish. It is cooked with a beef usually mixed in a sour plus hot gravy. 

4. Lamb Keema Mutter:

Another one of the best curries you can enjoy is made up of minced meat prepared with pea curry. This delicious dish is loved by Indians and Pakistanis both. The dish has originated in the Mughal era. The meat used here can be of lamb, beef or mutton. All the regular Indian spices bring the unusual taste in the dish for every other day of the week.

5. Beef Rogan Josh:

From the beds of Kashmir, Rogan Josh is a mixture of different spices and flavors, but for the sake of your taste buds, this dish is not too spicy. The red color of the curry Is because of the tomatoes, cardamom, and Kashmiri chilies. The dish is medium hot. 

6. Butter Chicken:

Murg Makhani, as people call it, is made up of juicy chicken cooked with tomato, garlic, ginger, tamarind, and butter. The dish is mildly spiced, often served with soft naan bread. The curry or gravy produced is somewhat thick in the consistency. People from all over the world love this food that originally belonged to the people of Delhi.

7. Balti Chicken:

As the name indicates, the dish is cooked in a specified metal bowl. The main ingredients of the dish are garlic, onions, turmeric, and garam masala. The dish is prepared in a vegetable oil upon the high heat using boneless meat subjected to brisk stirring.

8. Chicken Vindaloo:

This is the "hottest" dish you can try among the Indian curries. It is native to Goa brought by the Portuguese traders. The curry has in it the tomato, chili, and cumin. Many restaurants now use vinegar, sugar, fresh ginger to marinate the meat/chicken along with other spices to give it a new taste.

Traditionally all curries are served with "roti," which is a thin bread of flour cooked on a griddle. And remember, this isn't the end, rather beginning, and there are plenty of other great options available. Happy binge-eating Indian curries!