“Cold Smoked” Salmon a la Montreal

“Cold Smoked” Salmon a la Montreal

Cure delicious smoked salmon in your home fridge with this easy recipe.


  • Remove bones from salmon fillet, sprinkle on paprika, rub into surface to provide deep red color.
  • Place fillet into a resealable bag or container so that it rests flat. You can cut into two or four parts, as you wish.
  • Add to fish 50% the weight of fish in curing mixture and the appropriate amount of liquid smoke.
  • Toss to coat surface of fish well. Place in fridge for 7 days, and turn to redistribute cure each day.
  • After 7 days, remove fish and lightly rinse under fresh cold water.
  • Pat dry with clean paper towel. Vacuum seal fish into UMAi Dry® of the appropriate size. Refrigerate for about 12 days.
  • Slice and serve.