Spanish Chorizo

Spanish Chorizo

Making Salami sounds difficult, but with the right equipment it is actually easy to do at home. This recipe explores making a Spanish style Chorizo using UMAi Dry bags and your home fridge.




  • Part freeze the pork sholder and then pass through an electric or hand grinder using the coursest grind setting.
  • Mix all herbs and spices into the ground meat.
  • Dissolve starter culture in 2tbsp of boiled or distilled water.
  • Knead culture into the meat.
  • Fill the UMAi Dry casings with the meat mixture, making sure to avoid air bubbles.
  • Hang sausages in pairs at around 20C for 36-48 hours to ferment.
  • Place on wire rack in fridge until has lost 35% of weight, approximitely 4 weeks.