Terpene Gummy - 50g

Terpene Gummy - 50g
75 THB

Terpene Gummy - 50g


Terpene flavoured fluffy marshmallow, sandwiched between fruit flavoured gummy.

A hemp terpene aroma with a unique and balanced taste and connection.
*The product does not contain drugs and prohibited plants.

Nothern lights, Watermelon.
Charlotte Angel, Strawberry.
OG Kush, Pineapple.

Terpene is a natural compound that helps carry odors. and taste into the body.
It is found in more than 1,000 plants and acts like a 'fingerprint' of marijuana/cannabis by directing the smell, taste and unique properties of each species.

Packed Size (approximate)
Length: 4 cm
Width: 9 cm
Height: 13 cm
Weight: 0.1 KG
Shipping: Ambient
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