European Food

Mozzarella Cheese (2 Kg/block) 1,190 THB

Semi-hard mozzarella suitable for slicing or shredding with superior melt with clean, creamy flavour

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Foie Gras - 600g pack (2,990 B per kg) 2,990 THB

We proudly present the subtle flavor of duck Foie gras, the liver part that is very sophisticated and fine part gives the best creamy texture melting perfectly in your mount.

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(Pre-order) Clawson - Blue Stilton Cheese (approx size 4 kg) 5,990 THB

Clawson Blue Stilton Thomas Hoe Stevenson approx 4 kg

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Sunny day - Fish Tartar bre ded 300g 129 THB

Experience the creamy style of European breaded fried fish stuffy with creamy delicious tartar sauce.

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