Superior Norwegian Smoked Salmon - 100g 215 THB

High quality Norwegian Smoked Salmon. Pre-sliced pack, 100g. Check out our smoked salmon recipes here.

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Princes Tuna & Mayo Paste - 75g 65 THB

Tuna Mayonnaise Paste with Minced Haddock, High in omega 3 

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Princes Kippers in Sunflower Oil -190g 185 THB

Smoked Herring Fillets (Fish) in Sunflower Oil

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Whole Shell Mussels, frozen - 1kg 229 THB

1kg pack of whole shell cooked and frozen mussels. Keep in the freezer ready to reheat or add to seafood dishes.

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Large salmon fillet - (1-1.5kg per piece, @ 650B per kg) *Price per weight 845 THB

1 side of frozen Salmon fillet   *Approx 1-1.5 Kg/piece
From Chile

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Smoked Kippers 145 THB

Kippers are actually a whole herrings that are gutted and sliced in half from the head to the tail. 

The kippers are cured and hot smoked, simply grill with a little butter. 

Each pack contains a whole smoked kipper - approx 150g

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Smoked Haddock - [2 fillets/pack] 400g 420 THB

Quality Smoked haddock fillets -  per pack of 2 fillets approx 400g. We use a sea-salt cure then cold smoke over rose wood chips, This is a gentle process that lets the flavour of the smoke enhance the natural character of the haddock without overwhelming it. Limited stock so get it while you can. Best poached in milk and onions and served with the reduced liquor, mashed potato, peas and topped with a poached egg. Reminds me of my childhood.

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Fish Fingers - 20 pieces 365 THB

Fish Fingers coated with a delicious light and crispy golden breadcrumb. Each one is irresistibly tasty and full of goodness. 

The ultimate comfort food.

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Fish cakes (150 g 2 in a pack) 109 THB

Shallow fried and served with mash or chips these fishcakes are great choice for a lunch or dinner

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Atlantic Cod Loins (170-220g) 165 THB

Single portions of Atlantic Cod Loin. Perfect to fry up in batter for an English style fish and chips. Each loin is approximately 170-220g (6-8 Oz)

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