Lactofil Gold Whipping Cream 1 Ltr 189 THB

Lactofil Gold from CSM and Italian brand for innovative bakery solutions. The cream is special blended cream composed of 6% Dairy fat and total fat 35%. Ideal for hot & cold kitchen applications

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Crumpets 6 Pieces/Pack 99 THB

Crumpets are a type of round bread, distant cousins to muffins, but with distinctive holes throughout the top.

They're typically eaten with butter and honey, or savory toppings like ham and cheese.

These crumpets are made in the traditional English style, just like your grandmother used to have on her table. 

Make your afternoon tea come alive by breaking into one of these warm, fluffy crumpets today!

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Ambrosia Rice Pudding 400g 145 THB

Creamy & delicious Rice Pudding. Tastes delicious hot or cold.

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Ambrosia Devon Custard - 400g 145 THB

Devon Custard tastes so creamy and smooth, with more than a glass and a half of skimmed milk in every 425 g can. Since 1917, milk has been delivered fresh to our Devon dairy. That's why you can rely on Ambrosia to provide a delicious, wholesome treat without artificial colours or preservatives. Ambrosia Devon Custard is a low fat food with less than 3% fat and is suitable for vegetarians. Milk is a good source of calcium, which is important for healthy teeth and bones.

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Whipping Cream (UHT) - 1 LT - Master Gourmet Gold 169 THB

Unsweetened mixed cream. It combines the high performances of vegetable oils with the excellent organoleptic qualities of dairy cream. Highly versatile, it can be used for both confectionery (whipping it as it is or adding sugar) and cooking, for sauces and other savory recipes.

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Apple Crumble 85 THB

Tasty apple crumble, best served with custard or ice cream.

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Strawberry Crumble 85 THB

Tasty strawberry crumble, best served with custard or ice cream.

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Apple and Rhubarb Pie 85 THB

Traditional Apple and Rhubarb Pie, flavored with cinnamon and ginger snuggle under a blanket of crisp pastry. 

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Apple Pie 85 THB

Classic apple pie from scratch  originated in England. 

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