Delicious Seafood

(Pre-order) King crab legs Approx size 900-1100 gram 2,799 THB

Tasty, fresh, juicy! Deep-sea catch from the Barents Sea area - the pure taste of nature in every piece.
Excellent fill, the phalanx is fully packed with meat.
Very delicious boil, cooked in seawater. Just pour boiling water over it for 5 minutes and the dish is ready.
Do not defrost in the microwave!

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Smoked Kippers 145 THB

Kippers are actually a whole herrings that are gutted and sliced in half from the head to the tail. 

The kippers are cured and hot smoked, simply grill with a little butter. 

Each pack contains a whole smoked kipper - approx 100-150g

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Atlantic Cod Loins (170-220g) 169 THB

Single portions of Atlantic Cod Loin. Perfect to fry up in batter for an English style fish and chips. Each loin is approximately 170-220g (6-8 Oz)

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