Scottish Food

Our Scottish selection in the BritiShop range, with several Scottish favourites available.

Haggis - 500g 285 THB

Our Haggis is made locally in Thailand, using authentic imported Scottish spices.

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Grant's Premium Haggis - 392 g 265 THB

1 x can of Grants Premium Haggis.

For over 100 years Grant’s have created the finest quality haggis from a traditional Scottish recipe. This tradition of excellence has been handed down through the generations and Grant’s pride themselves on using only the highest quality ingredients to produce an authentic ‘Taste of Scotland’. Grant’s was founded in 1885 by two brothers who set up a family butchers shop in Glasgow.

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Irn bru 330ml Can 59 THB

Can of Dr Irn-Bru soft drink Irn-Bru is a Scottish carbonated soft drink, often described as "Scotland's other national drink"

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Yorkshire Black Pudding (with fat)-250g 119 THB

Now you can enjoy black pudding for breakfast. 

This thick, savory breakfast meat is perfect with fried or scrambled eggs and bacon as part of your full English breakfast.

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Scottish lorne Sausages (4 - 5 slices, depending on weight)-500g 175 THB

Scottish tradition is alive and well with Lorne sausage! 

This delicious sausage is perfect on a cooked breakfast or as a tasty, hearty sandwich. 

Lorne is the traditional Scottish sausage, also known as square sausage, that's been made the same way for over 200 years. 

Our Lorne sausage has no artificial preservatives or flavourings, so you can enjoy all the natural flavours in every bite.

Lorne sausage's versatility makes it a must-have for any kitchen!

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