Must-Have Ingredients to Keep in Your Kitchen

Must-Have Ingredients to Keep in Your Kitchen

Must-Have Ingredients to Keep in Your Kitchen

Nowadays, people are more conscious of the food they consume. Healthy eating is the new cool. It’s a good thing as it means people are moving away from fast foods and unhealthy processed foods to wholesome and healthy diets. If you’re restocking your pantry or wondering what kind of ingredients should make it to your kitchen, you won’t go wrong with the following.

Salt & Pepper

No meal is complete without a touch of salt and pepper. There are several different salts you should keep in your pantry. Some fine sea salt is fantastic for snacks such as popcorns. On the other hand, if you are baking and frying a lot, Kosher salt is a must-have. It is the swiss army knife of spices for all your cooking, baking, brining, and more.

The same case applies to pepper. It brings a whole level of heat not found in salt. Since pepper is the same all over, go for freshly ground pepper or buy fresh peppercorn and grind it yourself.

Olive & Vegetable Oils

Olive oil is essential in any pantry. Most British recipes include olive oil. If you have low-heat meals, Olive oil is the right oil to keep nearby. On the other hand, vegetable oils work great with high-heat meats or deep frying.

With a variety of both olive and vegetable oils, you won’t run short of options. You can buy both types to add different flavours to your meals. Vegetable oils come in more varieties than Olive oil. They are also relatively cheaper. Keep three or more kinds such as sesame, peanut, sunflower and canola oil for different flavours and dishes.

Oxo Cubes

Another must-have ingredient, Oxo cubes are packed with flavours and lots of goodness. They come in different flavours to spice up your meals. You can choose different meat or vegetable flavours. Oxo is trusted by both professional and amateur chefs for soups, beef, and vegetables.

Tomato Paste

Do you love tomato sauce? Tomato paste is just like tomato sauce but more concentrated. If you have been struggling to make great sauces, tomato paste might be that one ingredient you have been missing all along. It is great for pizza, pasta sauce, or to accentuate the tomato flavour in your dishes.

Tomato paste is common in many kitchens because it is cheap. You cannot compare the price of a can of tomato paste to that of a tomato sauce. Get yourself some tomato paste and enjoy tomato goodness in your meals.


Mustard is an excellent condiment for dressing salads, serving with grilled meat and fish. There are so many kinds of mustards. The ones you should have in your pantry are Dijon, English mustard, and American or German Mustard. Dijon is finely crushed and is excellent for adding to your sauces. English mustard is strong, while American and German mustards are a bit mild in comparison.


Your pantry won’t be complete without a bottle of vinegar. If you want a tasty vinegar for your meals, you should go for the apple cider vinegar. Unlike other vinegar, apple cider vinegar doesn’t take the flavour off a meal. Balsamic vinegar is excellent for salads or even an accompaniment to bread. Red Wine Vinegar is an excellent general-purpose vinegar for your salads, sauces as well as marinades. If you want to prepare Asian dishes, rice vinegar is a must-have.

Worcester Sauce

Worcester sauce is the secret ingredient your meals may have been missing. It only takes a couple of dashes on your meals to bring an outburst of flavours. It contains molasses, vinegar, plus anchovies. Add it to your steak, beef, and see the difference today.

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