A Taste of Different Ciders

A Taste of Different Ciders

A Taste of Different Ciders

Whether you are already a cider fan or have no idea what cider is, you've come to the right place.

We will explain what cider is, how people make it, and which top ciders are out there to enjoy.

What is Cider?

Cider is a fermented beverage made from apples and some other fruits such as pears. Usually enjoyed chilled, it is bitter and sweet at the same time.

As said, ciders consist of apple juice. We aren't talking about the apple juice you drink for breakfast. Ciders contain more bitter and low-sugar apple juice.

The type of apple can change the taste of the beverage. In the UK and Ireland, the taste is firm and more robust, while in France and Italy, the flavor is more fruity.

The process of making cider is relatively easy. Compared to beer, there is no brewing process. After harvesting the apples, the producers pick and scratch the apples, and put the pulp in big barrels where it can ferment.

After the apple juice ferments, it must mature for three weeks (sometimes longer) before it hits the stores.

While cider is in liqueurs and other spirits, producers do not always make traditional cider drink of apples. Many producers have decided to create new ciders and turned to pears instead.

The UK consumes more cider than anywhere else in the world. Served in restaurants, pubs, and bars, you can find this popular beverage on the shelves at your local store or online.

Apple cider with cinnamon

Sweet vs. Dry

Generally, there are two types of ciders, sweet and dry.

Here are some of the differences you should know to help you choose the right cider for you.

Both sweet and dry ciders have the fruit sugar fermented and converted into an alcoholic beverage. The difference is that sweet ciders have extra sugar added in afterward, while dry ciders remain unfermented (they have less than 0.5% sugar).

Producers dry many dry ciders in barrels to complement their mineral qualities. Dry ciders also have a higher percentage of alcohol.

Sweet ciders, on the other hand, have above 2% sugar and work well combined into cider cocktails.

5 Popular Ciders

Weekend days, festivals, and picnics in the local park all have us reaching for cider in the summer.

But with all the ciders available, the question is, which one to try?

Here are five popular ciders you can't go wrong with.

  1. Thatchers Gold

Thatchers makes its Gold cider with specially selected apples, and it is one of our favourites. Thatchers produces Gold using long-established techniques and expertise, and this dry cider has a unique, refreshing taste. It is best served chilled with ice.

  1. Thatchers Haze

Haze is another cider from the Thatchers brand you must try. It is a premium cider crafted with select apples to create a sweet finish.

The secret is in the Jonagold apple juice that brings a cloudy appearance. If you prefer sweeter drinks rather than dry, this one is perfect for you.

  1. Kingstone Press

The classic Kingstone Press cider is fruity, dry cider with a smooth finish. Crafted with a mix of Michelin and Dabinett bittersweet apples, you can now enjoy this drink any time of the year.

apple cider
  1. Frosty Jack

Made from the sweet juice of culinary apples, Frosty Jack is a sparkling cider, known for its pale appearance.

Frosty Jack is one of the top-selling cider brands in Great Britain and for a good reason. Both men and women enjoy it, and it serves the needs of both sweet and dry cider fans.

  1. Hecks Cider

No list would be complete without a cider from Hecks. The Hecks family has been producing ciders for six generations. The secret is in the apple they use, specially selected apples that are juicy and delicious.

What is your favourite cider?

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