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Brand: Prime Foods


Chorizo sausage is very popular in Spain and the US as this sausage has a full flavour and makes a great tex-mex american breakfast cooked with scrambled eggs, on a Tapas plate or a great pizza topping. When you say “Chorizo” to someone, you hear back a lot of different meanings. In the US of A most people think of Mexican chorizo, which is a fresh sausage, heavily spiced that needs to be cooked. Mexican chorizo is usually made with chile peppers. and some simple herbs. If you mention chorizo to anyone from Europe, they will most likely nod you towards Spain, and often the northern Basque region (and surrounds). Spanish chorizo is almost always dry cured. Spanish chorizo relies heavily on smoked paprika, not fresh hot chilies. This is really what gives a Spanish chorizo so much character.

Packed Size (approximate)
Length: 8 cm
Width: 3 cm
Height: 4 cm
Weight: 0.11 KG
Shipping: Frozen
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