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Tomato, pepper & bean one pot

Tomato, pepper & bean one pot Easy make ahead recipe to cook up on a quiet weekend, any leftovers will freeze well.

Spiced ginger-glazed ham

Spiced ginger-glazed ham Great as a Christmas specialty, or just as good all year round.

Homemade Barbecue Sauce

Homemade Barbecue Sauce Sure you can buy barbecue sauce in a bottle, but where is the fun in that? 

Steak & Onion Sandwich

Steak & Onion Sandwich If you are after steak but need to eat on the go then a sandwich is the perfect vessel. This steak and onion combo works great, but we also like to mix it up and add whichever extra fresh vegetables we have on hand.

Mini Cheddar Meat Loaves

Mini Cheddar Meat Loaves These mini cheesy, meaty bites are simple to throw together with a tasty punch.

Juicy Baby Backs

Juicy Baby Backs Baby back ribs are a popular favourite and this tasty recipe is sure to go down well.Combining the flavourful dry rub with juicy, sticky  glaze makes for a finger licking good combination.

Grilled Bratwurst with Sautéed Sweet Onions and Cabbage

Grilled Bratwurst with Sautéed Sweet Onions and Cabbage Today we prepare an upgraded take on the humble hotdog. The meaty bratwurst pairs perfectly with the tangy sauteed onions, great for a light snack or a bbq with friends.

Homemade Gravlax with Mustard-Dill Sauce

Homemade Gravlax with Mustard-Dill Sauce Gravalax is a Scandinavian method of preparing raw salmon, with similarities to smoked salmon just without the smoke. Raw salmon is cured with salt, sugar and dill, resulting in delicious flavours that can serve as an appetizer or centerpiece in a meal.


BULGOGI (KOREAN BBQ BEEF) Juicy and tender barbecued beef with a great blend of Asian flavours makes bulgogi a real crowd pleaser.For best results cook on charcoal a bbq for a true smokey flavour, but you can also cook in a pan. Using a well seasoned cast iron skillet and cooking in small batches can maximise smoke flavour when cooking in a pan.


HOMEMADE PANCETTA RECIPE Making your own cured meats at home is easier than you might think and worth the wait. A little space in your fridge and some dry aging bags are all you need for a delicious pancetta.