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Slow-cooked pork, cider & sage hotpot

Slow-cooked pork, cider & sage hotpot Tender pork and a depth of flavours really bring this dish together.

Creamy one-pan chicken & broccoli pasta

Creamy one-pan chicken & broccoli pasta A delicious creamy chicken pasta that you are sure to make again.

Cider Roast Turkey

Cider Roast Turkey This Christmas why not try this delightful twist on the classic roast turkey.

Liver and onions

Liver and onions Onions help balance the flavour of the liver for a classic British dish.

Greek Style Potatoes

Greek Style Potatoes These are similar in approach to roast potatoes, but a different and equally great result. The potatoes end up moist, tender and full of flavour, pairing nicely with anything from roast beef to pork chops. Alternatively turn them into a meal on their own by mixing in some shredded meat and a sprinkle of cheese on top.

Spanish Baked Paella with Prawns, Tenderstem and Peppers

Spanish Baked Paella with Prawns, Tenderstem and Peppers This week we look at the Spansh method of Khao Pad Goong, which comes out very different (but equally tasty) to it's Thai cousin.Fresh prawns and vegetables will give this dish a great flavour, with the fry plus bake method really infusing the different elements.

Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken Parmigiana This Chicken Parmesan is an amazing cheesey, tomato combination with crispy chicken on linguine or your preferred pasta. If you like your chicken extra crispy dip in an egg wash and coat in breadcrumbs before frying.

Brazilian Fish Stew (Moqueca Baiana)

Brazilian Fish Stew (Moqueca Baiana) An infusion of tropical flavours make this fish stew a favourite dish. This proves populare with both locals and expats in Thailand, with many of the ingredients shared with Thai cuisine.

Ultimate Swedish Meatballs

Ultimate Swedish Meatballs Recreate the classic flat pack furniture dish at home. Best eaten at an already assembled dining table.

Tikka Masala Soup

Tikka Masala Soup A familiar dish in an unfamiliar style, this Indian inspired soup will have you coming back for more.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup A western take on a dish often found in Thailand, this will be enjoyed by all nationalities. Using a pre-cooked bbq chicken cuts the cooking time down and adds to the flavour.