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Greek Style Potatoes

Greek Style Potatoes These are similar in approach to roast potatoes, but a different and equally great result. The potatoes end up moist, tender and full of flavour, pairing nicely with anything from roast beef to pork chops. Alternatively turn them into a meal on their own by mixing in some shredded meat and a sprinkle of cheese on top.

Linguine with clams

Linguine with clams This recipe goes "in bianco" with a white sauce containing wine, garlic, lemon and red pepper.An impressive restaurant quality dish that you can cook easily yourself at home.

Garlic Butter Meatballs

Garlic Butter Meatballs The garlic brings out the flavour in these quick and easy meatballs.

Hot smoked salmon pasta

Hot smoked salmon pasta The wonderful taste of hot smoked salmon pairs well with this creamy pasta to make a dish that will have you going back for more.

Smoked salmon, avocado and herb tarts

Smoked salmon, avocado and herb tarts This is a tasty appetiser that will be sure to impress at any special occasions.

Smoked salmon rolls

Smoked salmon rolls If you love smoked salmon (who doesn't!) then these wraps offer a great way to enjoy it.