Selection of bulk packs suited for catering and restaurant usage

3kg block - Edam Cheese 1,590 THB

Catering block of Edam cheese, approximately 3kg.

This is the perfect cheese for your sandwich, cheese tray, party platter, or catering event.

Edam cheese is a perennial favorite for dairy-lovers and sandwich-lovers alike.

Available in a 3kg catering size block, edam cheese is a simple and delicious way to make your next meal a little more special.


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Allowrie Butter 8g Portions. 100 in a pack 495 THB

Allowrie Butter 8g Portions. 100 in a pack

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Sarsons Malt Vinegar - 5ltr 795 THB

5Lt Catering bottle of Sarsons Malt Vinegar

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2kg block - Oldenburgr Mozzarella Cheese 895 THB

2kg Catering size block of Oldenburgr Mozzarella Cheese

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3kg block - Gouda Cheese 1,590 THB

Catering block of Gouda cheese

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Peeled Plum Tomatoes - 100% Italian Tomato - 2.5kg Catering Size 325 THB

Catering size tin of peeled Italian plum tomatoes

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Ready Pizza Sauce - Fine Crushed 100% Italian Tomatoes - 4kg 325 THB

4kg tins of ready mixed pizza sauce. This is a tasty pizza sauce that you can either use as it comes, or as a base for your own recipe. Sauce comes fairly dense so we recommend adding a little water.

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Mushy Peas - 1kg 115 THB

Mushy peas are served alongside fish & chips, pies, roast dinners or even on their own as a snack. How you eat them varies by region across Britain, but they are common throughout the country.

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