Gift Card 1,000 THB
Why not treat someone to a gift card which can be exchanged for any of our tasty foods?!

This is perfect for friends and family in Thailand who might be missing tastes of home.

Britishop deliver nationwide in Thailand, using specialist chilled transport to keep all produce in perfect condition.
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T-bone Steak Cut - 300g 159 THB

Nicely sized 300g Thai T-Bone steak.

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Gouda Cheese (Holland) - 250g 145 THB

250g portion cut of Gouda Cheese.

Gouda cheese tastes delicious and is a healthier option.

It can be eaten as a part of a sandwich or on its own with crackers. 

Gouda cheese has a mild taste and is available in many tasty flavors.

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Mozzarella Oldenburger - 250g 139 THB

250g portion cut pack of mozzarella, perfect for Pizza & more.   Oldenburger Mozzarella is a high quality, fresh tasting firm pasta-filata type of cheese. Its excellent melting, stretching and browning properties make it the perfect garnish for several warm meals, especially for pizza. Thanks to its excellent shredding properties it is perfectly suitable for further processing as grated cheese and slices.   Restaurants - please contact us for wholesale rates if needed.

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Smoked Kippers 145 THB

Kippers are actually a whole herrings that are gutted and sliced in half from the head to the tail. 

The kippers are cured and hot smoked, simply grill with a little butter. 

Each pack contains a whole smoked kipper - approx 100-150g

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Sage & Onion Stuffing, ready made - 500g 175 THB

Our sage and onion stuffing is handmade with fresh ingredients for a far greater flavour than a boxed packet mix. 

Sage and onions are a classic combination for a Christmas turkey stuffing, just make sure to save some extra for stuffing balls. 

This is a ready-made mix for those who don't want to spend time chopping and cooking, or can't cook at all! 

Great as a side dish for Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other festive meal. Add your favorite vegetables and herbs to make it your signature dish. If you like a meaty version just mix with some minced pork.


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Beef Madras - Prime Foods 185 THB

The curry house Madras is a restaurant invention which started life as simply a hotted up version of the standard restaurant curry. Because it is a restaurant invention rather than a traditional recipe the Madras can vary considerably from one restaurant to another. The restaurant Madras can be hot or very hot, red or brown, a hotter version of a plain curry or quite rich in tomatoes. Mostly though it comes with plenty of sauce and is strongly spiced . It is the standard restaurant hot curry.

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Chicken Nuggets (45-50 Pcs/Kg) 209 THB

Easy and convenient and ready in a few minutes of deep or shallow frying. Great with chips or even on their own with a nice dipping sauce

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