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Emmental 250g 159 THB

250g block of Emmental Cheese

Emmental cheese is originally from Switzerland and also known as swiss cheese.
It is known for it's unique appearance filled with holes.

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Edam 250g 145 THB

250g block of Edam cheese

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Buffalo Mozzarella (Bocconcino) Frozen - 125g 199 THB

Buffalo Mozzarella (Bocconcino) Frozen - 125g

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Gouda Cheese (Holland) - 250g 145 THB

250g portion cut of Gouda Cheese.

Gouda cheese tastes delicious and is a healthier option.

It can be eaten as a part of a sandwich or on its own with crackers. 

Gouda cheese has a mild taste and is available in many tasty flavors.

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Mozzarella Oldenburger - 250g 139 THB

250g portion cut pack of mozzarella, perfect for Pizza & more.   Oldenburger Mozzarella is a high quality, fresh tasting firm pasta-filata type of cheese. Its excellent melting, stretching and browning properties make it the perfect garnish for several warm meals, especially for pizza. Thanks to its excellent shredding properties it is perfectly suitable for further processing as grated cheese and slices.   Restaurants - please contact us for wholesale rates if needed.

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Cheddar Cheese Blocks - 250g 149 THB

Tasty and high quality cheddar cheese available in a 250g block.

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