Dry Goods, Sauces & Condiments

Dry goods, sauces, mustards, pickles

Fine Peas( Junge Erbsen) - 660g 199 THB

Fine Peas Imported from Germany, Stollenwerk Brand Junge Erbsen

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Pesto Sauce - 150g 99 THB

Basil Pesto Sauce, perfect with pasta or as a sauce/dip with other foods. 1 box will be good for 2 portions of pasta.

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Cheese Sauce - 150g 59 THB

Cheese Sauce - single serving (no pasta) Pick & Mix Range - make it your way. Mix with Macaroni to make Mac & Cheese, use to top on vegetables or even as a dip.

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Jalapenos Peppers (Sliced) 125 THB

Sliced Jalapeno Peppers, perfect to add to burgers, hotdogs or salads.

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Pork Bolognese - 200g 79 THB

Pork Bolognese - single serving (no spaghetti) Pick & Mix Range - make it your way. Serve on Spaghetti, Pasta, Rice or Mash.  

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3kg block - Emmental Cheese 1,675 THB

Emmental cheese is originally from Switzerland and also known as swiss cheese.

It is known for it's unique appearance filled with holes.

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Hot Mexican Salsa 585g 99 THB

Spicy Mexican Salsa, perfect to go with nachos, tacos burritos and more.

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Pickled Cucumbers (Whole) - 1070g 119 THB

Whole pickled cucumbers.

Slice up for burgers or a salad, or just eat whole from the jar.

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