Enjoy some quality beef for a bbq, steak night or Sunday roast.

Beef Dripping - 250g 75 THB

Beef Dripping is another of those 'almost' forgotten products of yesteryear. Often reminisced spread on toast, beef dripping has developed into a fashionable addition to roast potatoes and chips. Go on, give beef dripping a go and see how it can transform your roasties for only 75 baht

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Princes Corned Beef - 340g 265 THB

Princes Corned Beef is great cooked with potatoes and onions for a delicious Corned Beef Hash. Made with 100% beef

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Rib Eye Whole - 525 THB / kg (by weight approx 4-4.5kg) 2,205 THB

Rib Eye Whole, approx weight between 4 -4.5kg Price is 525B per kg, with the price displayed on this product for a typical weight. Your order will be updated with the final price once the item has been weighed.

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Dewhurst Corned Beef (UK style, canned) - 340g 260 THB

Dewhurst is one of the UK's oldest and most popular butchers, producing great meats since 1897.

Despite closing their high street shops in 1995 the company lives on making a range of quality foods sold around the world.

Dewhurst corned beef is perfect for any sandwich - try it on rye with some dill pickles and coleslaw for that ultimate taste sensation.

This is not to be confused with USA/Aussie style corned beef, which shares the name but is very different - in the UK that is called Salt Beef, corned beef comes in cans!

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Beef Jerky 50g – Cracked Pepper – Smokey Mountain 99 THB

Beef Jerky 50g – Cracked Pepper– Smokey Mountain

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Low & Slow Smoked Beef Brisket – 125g 185 THB

Low & Slow Smoked Beef Brisket

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Beef Jerky 50g – Cajun – Smokey Mountain 99 THB

Premium handcrafted beef jerky. Cajun flavour.

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Beef Jerky 50g – Firey Jane – Prime Pattaya Smokehouse 99 THB

Premium handcrafted beef jerky. A bit of a spicy kick blended with some sweetness.

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Beef Jerky 50g – Sweet Mary – Smokey Mountain 99 THB

Premium handcrafted beef jerky. This is a nice sweet jerky with a hint of spiciness.

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Bacon cheddar Beef Burgers - 300g 165 THB

2 x Bacon cheddar Beef Burgers

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Texas Style Beef Burgers - 300 g 155 THB

2 x Texas Style Beef Burgers

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Corned Beef US/Aussie Style - Tender & Juicy (Priced by weight) 760 THB

Classic Aussie & US Style corned beef. Aged, tender and juicy beef. Joints average between 750g to 1.5kg - listed price is per KG.   Note: British style corned beef also available. THEY ARE VERY DIFFERENT! UK Style corned beef is minced salted beef with gelatin, packed in a can. Similar to beef spam. US/AU Style corned beef is a whole joint of beef, cured in salt. Similar to beef bacon or unsmoked pastrami.  

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T-bone Steak Cut - 300g 139 THB

Nicely sized 300g Thai T-Bone steak.

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Cracked Pepper & Worcestershire Beef Sausages - 500g 215 THB

Cracked Pepper & Worcestershire Beef Sausages - Gourmet Artisan Sausages - 500g Premium ingredients, natural casings, satisfaction guaranteed. The Prime Pattaya Smokehouse range has a variety of bacon, sausage and other meats, all made with the best ingredients and preparation methods.

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Tasty Beef Buster Beef Sausages (500g) 229 THB

A simple recipe but a very tasty sausage! Overtones of black pepper with a hint of garlic make this great in a bun, mixed grill or with mash and gravy.

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Beef Top Side, Oven Ready - 430 THB/kg (Approx 3-4kg) 1,290 THB

Oven Ready Beef Top Side, approx 3 - 3.5 kg Price is per kg, your order will be updated once item has been weighed.

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Beef Jerky 50g - Original - Smokey Mountain 99 THB

Premium hand crafted jerky. High in protein with a nice little sweet spicy after taste that leaves you longing for more.

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Prime Ground Beef - 500g pack 169 THB

Premium Ground beef is Thai beef, minced beef or beef mince is beef that has been finely chopped with a mincing machine. It is used in many recipes including hamburgers and spaghetti Bolognese. Meatballs are another popular dish that is popular around the world.

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