Our chicken selection includes tasty stuffed chicken breasts, Kiev's, nuggets and uncooked chicken breasts.

Chicken Breast, Skinless - 1kg 175 THB

Skinless Chicken Breast - 1kg Sun Valley Brand, Frozen

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Chicken Kiev 109 THB

Breaded chicken filled with garlic butter.

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Chicken Breasts Stuffed with cheese and spinach - 450g 199 THB

Chicken Breasts Stuffed with cheese and spinach. 2 pieces per pack.

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Fajita Chicken Breasts -450g 199 THB

Fajita Chicken Breasts, stuffed with cheese, mushrooms and bell peppers. 2 pieces per pack.

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Tuscan Chicken Breasts - 450g 199 THB

Tuscan Chicken Breasts, stuffed with cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. 2 pieces per pack

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JB Chicken Pop Spicy -1KG 199 THB

Spicy popcorn style chicken pieces - 1kg

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Chicken Nuggets (45-50 Pcs/Kg) 209 THB

Easy and convenient and ready in a few minutes of deep or shallow frying. Great with chips or even on their own with a nice dipping sauce

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