Britishop have a wide range of pork available including whole joints, gammons & hams along with sausages and bacon.

(Pre-order) Christmas Hams - 1000B Deposit 1,000 THB

Whole bone-in hams for a fantastic Christmas Dinner.
Hams are already fully cooked, so just warm up and serve.

To book your ham just pay a deposit of 1000 B per KG, with the balance due once we have weighed your ham before delivery.
Our standard shipping rates will apply, you can also add other items into the same box for delivery (order now or later both fine).

Priced by weight - 530 B per KG

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Smoke ham off the bone sliced (Gluten-free) - 250g 195 THB

Old Fashioned Hand Sliced ham off the bone sliced  
- Natural Wood smoked
- Gluten-free
- No Artificial Flavors or Colors
- Fully Cooked


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Double Bone Pork Chop - 700g 375 THB

Extra think, double boned pork chop. Perfect for the BBQ and the extra hungry.

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Hunger Breaks All Day Breakfast - 395g 169 THB

All day breakfast tins, heat up for an instant full English breakfast.

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Cold smoked pork chop - 350g 175 THB

Pork chop which has already been cold smoked to gain a great smokey flavour. With the hard work done these are ready for you to pan, grill, oven or bbq cook.

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Sausage roll - Prime 109 THB

Sausage rolls are tasty and very popular as a finger snack or a full meal.

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English Breakfast Pork Sausages - 500g 175 THB

English Breakfast Pork Sausages

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Pad Krapow Pork Sausages - 500g 195 THB

Pork sausages with Thai basil, Pad Krapow style

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Bacon cheddar Beef Burgers - 300g 175 THB

2 x Bacon cheddar Beef Burgers

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Spicy Italian Pork Mozzarella Burgers - 300g 165 THB

2 x Spicy Italian Pork Mozzarella Burgers

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Low & Slow Smoked Pulled Pork 205 THB

Our tender & juicy, smoked pulled pork is made from fresh, high-quality pork that’s seasoned with our authentic BBQ in house seasoning. Then low and slow smoked over natural hickory and charcoal to lock in the flavours and moisture from the meat and hand-pulled to the perfect consistency.

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Country Style Smoked Small Whole Hams 599 THB

Our Signature Gourmet Sliced Ham are simply scrumptious. Our hams are tender, juicy, and flavourful and a melt-in-your-mouth texture with a delicate, sweet-smoky flavour that water-added supermarket hams can’t come close to matching. Approx 1kg

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Bacon Trim - 1KG 170 THB

1Kg of assorted bacon trim - may contain smoked, unsmoked, streaky, lean or back bacon. Perfect for recipes where bacon presentation doesn't matter - bacon scrambled egg, meatballs, pasta etc. Equally good in a sandwich or fry up if you don't mind odd shapes!

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Cheddar Jalapeno Pork Sausage (500g) 219 THB

Delicious chunks of mature cheddar cheese and mildy spicy and flavourful jalapeno peppers make this a mouth watering treat! Thais in particular seem to love this one!

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Sage & Thyme Pork Sausages (500g) 175 THB

A great 'anytime' sausage with savoury flavours of sage, thyme and black pepper. Mild enough for breakfast but tasty enough to have with sausage and mash.

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Pork Loin Skin On - 415 THB/kg (Approx 3-6kg) 1,490 THB

Whole pork loin with Skin on, approx 3- 6  kg   

Price is per kg, displayed item price is for a typical weight of 4kg. 

Your order will be updated with correct price once item has been weighed.

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Virginia Ham Whole - 560 THB/kg (approx 2-3 kg) 1,125 THB

Whole Virginia ham, approx weight between 2 - 2.8 kg 

Price is 550B per kg, with the price displayed on this product for a typical weight. 

Your order will be updated with the final price once the item has been weighed.

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