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Chilled Australian Grass-fed sirloin Beef-250g 244 THB

250 grams of pure meat heaven. Ideal for pan frying or grilling

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Chilled Australian Grass-fed rib eye Beef-250g 265 THB

Australian beef is recognised as a high quality meat and it truly doesn't get much better than this - exceptional value for money

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Rib Eye Steak Cut - 250g Local 125 THB

A juicy cut with a core [eye] of juicy fat that gently melts as it cook keeping moist and succulent

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Sirloin Steak Cut - 250g 125 THB

This is the master cut of choice supposedly so good that the King knighted it for its service to the crown

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Tenderloin Steak Cut - 250g 180 THB

250 grams of hybrid local tenderloin full of flavour and as it says in the name a tender cut from the loin

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