The wonderful sausage, full of flavour and adaptable to so many dishes.

We stock over 40 varieties of sausages with recipes from around the world. Whether you are after a hotdog, Full-English or a currywurst we will a sausage to suit.

Pork & Apple sausages - 500g 180 THB

Pork & Apple Gourmet Sausages, 500g per pack

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Yorkshire Black Pudding (with fat)-250g 119 THB

Now you can enjoy black pudding for breakfast. 

This thick, savory breakfast meat is perfect with fried or scrambled eggs and bacon as part of your full English breakfast.

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Scottish lorne Sausages (4 - 5 slices, depending on weight)-500g 175 THB

Scottish tradition is alive and well with Lorne sausage! 

This delicious sausage is perfect on a cooked breakfast or as a tasty, hearty sandwich. 

Lorne is the traditional Scottish sausage, also known as square sausage, that's been made the same way for over 200 years. 

Our Lorne sausage has no artificial preservatives or flavourings, so you can enjoy all the natural flavours in every bite.

Lorne sausage's versatility makes it a must-have for any kitchen!

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Olde English Sausages (5 Links)-500g 165 THB

A succulent blend of prime cuts of pork with thyme, nutmeg, sage & pepper. 

These Traditional Old English Pork Sausages are bursting with flavour. Sizzled on the barbecue or just served with a big pile of mash, they’re sure to bring a smile to hungry faces!

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Irish Pork Sausages (5 Links)-500g 179 THB

Irish Pork Sausages (5 Links)-500g. These big boys are 100g of meaty sausage each. I love these for breakfast as they are mild in flavour and juicy too.

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Breakfast Pork Thin Sausages (12 Links)-500g 175 THB


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Cumberland Sausages (5 Links)-500g 179 THB

Cumberland sausage is typically served as part of the full English breakfast, along with bacon, eggs, beans, toast and fried bread. 

This is a traditional British recipe for a tasty Cumberland Sausage.

It can also be used in dishes such as sausage sandwiches or egg muffins.



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