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Pigs in Blankets - 500g 179 THB

Chipolatas Sausage Wrapped In Streaky Bacon. Always on our table for Christmas but equally good all year round.

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Sausage & Onion Gravy - British Classics To Go 159 THB

Sausage & Onion Gravy - one of the greatest of all comfort food  quick easy. 

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Liver, Bacon & Onions - British Classics To Go 159 THB

A traditional English dish with liver fried together with bacon and onions.

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Cheesy Mash - British Classics To Go 65 THB

Creamy Cheesy Mashed Potatoes  

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Cauliflower Cheese - British Classics To Go 85 THB

Traditional English Cauliflower Cheese 

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Bubble & Squeak - British Classics To Go 55 THB

Bubble and Squeak is found as part of a full English breakfast in parts of the country.

Originally a way to use up leftover vegetables, is consists of potatoes and other mixed vegetables, fried together.

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Mac & Cheese - British Classics To Go 155 THB

Mac & Cheese - British Classics To Go

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Beef in Beer - British Classics To Go 179 THB

Slow cooked beef & onions in a rich beer gravy. Beef in Beer is a delicious dish from our British Classics range, which goes perfectly with Mash Potatoes or Chips.

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Mc Vintage Smokehouse bbq Sauce 500g. 135 THB

Traditional recipe smokehouse BBQ sauce

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Mc Chilli & Pepper bbq Sauce 500g. 135 THB

Chilli and pepper flavoured BBQ sauce, goes great on any meats with a gentle spice level.

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